Inspired by a million noise slingers and all things bad for you.  Nottingham, England.

Music for people who should know better.


In late 2013, inspired by a million noise slingers, Blackmail Box formed with a desire to blend grimy rock'n'roll and Pop Noir. 


Releasing their eponymous debut EP mid 2015 followed by a second single "Black Sea" three months later. The band creates a sound that has been described as "rockabilly surf flavoured garage punk", so just take your pick and you are pretty close.


The third release in Feb 2017 was the single "Light Come Down" taken from the debut album "Staring Contest".  Followed by the single "Old Car" on the release of the album in September 2017. 


Currently averaging around 20 gigs a year playing all over the UK. Check out the concerts page for upcoming shows.  Recent shows have been with the likes of Batteries, Yur Mum, The Blue Carpet Band, Dragster, Thee Eviltones, Grey Hairs, Snakerattlers, Diablofurs, The Zipheads, A VOID, Polly PikPocketz, The Franceens, The Superkings, Jellly, The Black Bullets and X-Ray Cat Trio.

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